About us

What is Regional Diversity Roundtable?

The Regional Diversity Roundtable (of Peel) is a charitable not-for-profit committed to building inclusion and diversity competence that results in the institutionalization of equity in their core values, structures, workforce, policies and services. We are a group of individuals representing organizations with a commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity competence. Employed within the Human Services and public sector in Peel, we are interested in increasing the capacity of individuals and organizations to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders in providing appropriate services to people from various social and cultural backgrounds.


  • The Regional Diversity Roundtable is committed to being a leader in supporting organizations and institutions to be diverse and equitable in order to provide services that are fair, inclusive, respectful and culturally competent.

  • To promote respect and equity within organizations and institutions for an inclusive-and-harmonious community.
    We encourage stakeholders to recognize, respect, and embrace each individual’s diversity and believe that by working together we can move from the acknowledgment of diversity to the institutionalization of diversity in our respective core values, structures, workforce, procedures and guidelines enabling an environment that is supportive, accessible, and equitable in its practices.
    • Diversity
    • Equity
    • Inclusion
    • Respect
    • Social Justice