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Diversity and Equity Resource Collection Launch 

On Thursday, November 22nd, the Regional Diversity Roundtable launched the Diversity and Equity Resource Collection, one of the largest compilations of its kind in the Region of Peel. 

Keynote speakers Tina Lopes, Organizational Developmental Consultant, and Chris D’souza, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, shared their expertise on the topic of equity drawing examples from their published books. Attendees had an opportunity to win one of these books and were treated to lunch. 

The launch also celebrated RDR's partnership with the Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga library systems. For the first time the Diversity and Equity Resource Collection will be available in local libraries throughout Peel. For more information, please click here.


RDR Spotlight on Peel Fact Sheets

Practical step-by-step tip sheets to help organizations implement diversity and equity strategies.

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Diversity Works! Creating Inclusive and Equitable Workplaces is an informative educational video resource to educate non-profit and public sector human service professionals and volunteers, on topics of diversity and equity in the workplace 

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RDR E-Newsletter

A rich source of tools, resources and tips around a specific diversity and equity related topic.

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RDR Diversity In Action Training Manual (DIAT)

Based on workshops organized by the Regional Diversity Roundtable, this Train-the-Trainer Resource is an excellent primer for anyone interested in learning how to create lasting change within their organization

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RDR Library

The Regional Diversity Roundtable is home to the largest known diversity and equity resource library in the Region of Peel. The Regional Diversity Roundtable maintains a physical and online repository of diversity & equity resources. Click on a title to learn more about the publication.