Tough Questions Café


Diversity and equity initiatives often create hot debate, interesting questions and trailblazing possibility. These vibrant discussions tend to take place during meeting breaks, at the end of seminars, or between ‘other’ work priorities. The Tough Questions Café is meant to center these critical conversations, and create a space for diversity and equity workers in the Region of Peel to dialogue and shift attitudes on how comp

lex issues are understood. We expect that this series will push numerous envelopes and stimulate rich debate.

Individuals from the community are invited to gather and discuss a ‘tough question’ related to equity and diversity. These dialogues organized by the Regional Diversity Roundtable will feature forward-thinking speakers, representing contrasting viewpoints on the question, and skilled moderators to foment engagement. At the end of each dialogue, those present will have the opportunity to suggest questions for the next Café.

Each Café is open to members of the community with an interest in equity and diversity issues. Human Service and non-profit sector professionals are encouraged to attend.

The Regional Diversity Roundtable held its first Café on Wednesday March 4th 2009.

Past Tough Questions Cafés:

Poverty in Peel: Is it Effectively Addressed for All?

It's 2015: Which Women Have Arrived?

Systemic Oppression in Peel: Perception or Reality?

Freedom of Speech or Freedom to Offend: What Can We Say/Publish in a Multicultural Context? 

Peel's Arts and Culture: Canadian enough, eh?

How do we resolve increasing challenges to putting theory and policy into practice? 

Competing Human Rights: Is it a win/win or a win/lose situation?

Across the Care Continuum: Can a health care system really be effective without the support of ethno-specific organizations?

Is Homophobia the New Racism?

Accomodations in the Workplace: Mental Health & HIV/Aids - Do we have the right to know? Privacy or Disclosure? 

Religious Accomodations in the Workplace: Do we really have to?

Culture Matters

Equal Societies: Imagine That






Upcoming Tough Questions Cafe