What We Do

The Regional Diversity Roundtable has positioned itself as a leader in providing training and education to human service organizations and institutions to be inclusive and equitable in order to provide services that are fair, inclusive, respectful and culturally competent in Peel Region and throughout Ontario.


Activities & Services

Tough Questions Café & Workshops

The Regional Diversity Roundtable offers numerous training opportunities to human service professionals, organizations and community members interested in developing their knowledge on diversity and equity related topics. The Tough Questions Café is meant to center critical conversations, and create a space to dialogue and shift attitudes on how complex issues are understood. Read more..

Resource Development

The Regional Diversity Roundtable is home to the largest known diversity and equity resource library in the Region of Peel. In collaboration with local libraries, The Regional Diversity Roundtable maintains a physical and online repository of diversity and equity resources. Read more..

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

The Regional Diversity Roundtable supports knowledge exchange activities between human service professionals and other stakeholders (academic and community partners) on the theory and practice of diversity and equity related organizational change.

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Member Services

The Regional Diversity Roundtable offers unique member only learning opportunities that allow RDR members to learn and support one another through knowledge transfer and exchange.

  • Learning Exchanges

One hour professional development sessions offered to RDR members during monthly RDR meetings. Learning Exchanges provide RDR members with the opportunity to develop their diversity and equity skills in an intimate learning environment with other RDR members.

  • Peer Learning Opportunities

Peer Learning Opportunities are a forum for RDR members to learn best practices, strategies and policies from each other. These unique opportunities enable RDR members to share their organization’s journey to becoming equitable and inclusive and also enable RDR members to support one another in successes and challenges that they may face along the way.

  • Online Community of Practice

The Regional Diversity Roundtable’s Online Community of Practice is an online forum for RDR members to support each other in their organization’s journey to institutionalizing diversity and equity.  This member only platform encourages Regional Diversity members to ask questions, seek advice and support to address diversity and equity related challenges they may face in their organizations.